I HATE PORN’s first event!!!!

https://ihateporn.eventbrite.ca (for tickets)

I HATE PORN will be hosting a private screening of the acclaimed documentary “Red light Green Light”, a film produced to educate on the human trafficking industry and how it is effecting our society both locally and globally. This event will also have an opportunity to make a difference by getting involved on an inspired journey to combat these ever prevalent but generally non-discussed issues. You won’t want to miss it. A petition to end sex trafficking in Canada will be on site for signing! We will also have featured guest speakers giving you actionable steps to take out of the event and into your communities, as well as insight and resources to encourage you, and get you connected with the solution.

https://ihateporn.eventbrite.ca (for tickets)

The Art of Deception

If you haven’t yet noticed that the subject matter on this website is NOT for those without willingness to look at issues straight in the face.

This posting is coming from a place of frustration. The clarity I have on this issue is so obvious to me, but to those who are around me, I sound like a maniac. I need to place a few basic warnings out there for those who are close to the issue of pornography, but feel as if they are relatively safe from its infiltration into their minds. After these few basic tips and tricks towards keeping you even “safer”, I will share a few testimonials of those who don’t feel like they are in the same category (a little less safe).

DO NOT type the word Pornography in the internet ANYWHERE! unless your ready to see porn.

Install an online accountability software to protect your eyes from the things that will be seen on your computer. (also adjust your settings to be on high watch)

Develop a RELENTLESS conviction to rid your entire life of the things that are preventing you from being ALL that you can be! (mindsets, thought processes, actions, opinions, etc. etc.)

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The 2013 stats have arrived!

As I read through the statistics my heart is burdened with the weight of the Porn epidemic. Truth be told I am very light hearted and joyful today as I spend time with my family and place my focus on the things in life that are good. Having a very optimistic outlook in life has been a saving grace in many troublesome times through life. However, although optimism is a skill that I have worked diligently to refine thorough the years, I find myself at the base of a seemingly insurmountable mountain.

I feel as if it is my duty to climb this mountain and often (as many of you may relate to) I feel as if I am at it alone! The staggering numbers that I have read in the 2013 porn stats release today have left me wondering if the proverbial pendulum of pornography takeover has swung to the side of acceptance (and now even promotion) so far that it wont swing back.

At the inception of this blog I was challenged with a very real perspective that weighed heavy on my conscience. The question I was proposed with was, “What if you were to be wearing an I HATE PORN shirt, and a young boy or girl just learning to read or write were to have their first exposure to the word PORN because of your shirt?” This question nearly stopped me from starting, and many times has brought me to a place of deep reflection.

When reading the statistics I am so glad that I did not hold back from launching, and I am also very pleased that my son (5 years old) is aware of what PORN is. This may strike you as absurd parenting, or absolutely unacceptable behavior. The matter of fact is I do not care if that is the perspective you choose to take. I believe investing the time to review these statistics and to research there validity will give you a perspective change and may inspire you to talk to your children about pornography right now!

If my writing this can inspire courage within any reader to be proactive in taking a stand against this giant with me then the payoff is worth all of the risk! Considering the statistics I believe at current standing that the PORN industry has a further reach than this blog (and slightly more funding). Nonetheless I am encouraged to continue and do a solo climb if necessary. I have a feeling you may want to come with me though…… REACH OUT!


True Lies

True Lies
Have you seen the movie? I have, but I don’t remember anything about it accept for something about an affair, and Jamie Lee Curtis doing some sort of erotic dance in black lingerie. It figures that this may be the most memorable scene for a man who has gone through the experiences I have over the course of my life. It seems as if the driving reality of my lifetime is that I am a sexual being first and everything else seems to fade away in comparison to this drive. Continue reading